Neighborhood Electric Detection K9 Inc would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have followed us and supported us the last few years. Our mission to provide ESD K9s to law enforcement agencies investigating internet crimes against children has been quite successful. We have donated 10 K9s to agencies from Maryland to California and across the ocean to Hawaii. We have decided to close our charity, but want to assure you that the K9s will continue to do the work they were trained to do for years to come. Many lives have been saved, many criminals have been put in prison, and many victims and investigators have been and will continue to be comforted by the K9's presence. THANK YOU for your support and be assured the fight to prevent these horrible crimes will continue.


Charles Harsin, Pres.


Neighborhood Electronic Detection K-9 Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was formed by a group of individuals within the Indianapolis, Indiana community, after realizing the need for Electronic Detection K-9s within law enforcement agencies.

Internet crimes against children include the creation and distribution of child pornography, child sex trafficking, child sex tourism, sextortion and the live streaming of child sexual abuse. These crimes are increasing at an alarming rate.

Law enforcement is often tasked during a search warrant to locate physical evidence related to these crimes. This evidence is crucial in identifying victims and removing these predators from the community. Electronic storage devices are often small and easily hidden by these individuals. Searches often take many hours and many devices are never located. Each device that goes undiscovered is a victim or multiple victims left unidentified.

K-9s are now being trained using their keen sense of smell and are being utilized in these searches to locate electronic storage devices such as hard drives, thumb drives, SD/Micro SD cards, cell phones, and many other devices. One of the first success stories of the utilization of an Electronics Detection K-9 involved a K-9 named “Bear,” during the Jared Fogle Subway Spokesperson raid. “Bear” successfully located a device that contained evidence useful to the prosecution. Since then, several other K-9s have been trained and are successfully locating devices during warrants that law enforcement missed. The introduction of these K-9s into internet crimes against children has been vital to removing predators from the streets.

Neighborhood Electronic Detection K-9 Inc. was formed after speaking to law enforcement agencies about the need for these K-9s. It was brought to our attention that it is often difficult for agencies and investigators to obtain the funding to bring an Electronic Detection K-9 onto their team. It is our intention to raise money to fund a program designed to give fully-trained Electronic Detection K-9s, through an application process, to law enforcement agencies that are actively involved in Child Exploitation investigations.





Neighborhood Electronic Detection K-9 has contracted with Jordan Detection K-9 to provide quality trained K-9s to law enforcement. Click on the icon above to learn more about them!

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Learn more about some of the dogs that have been deployed through our foundation!


November 27, 2019

As of January 2019, we have been able to donate five Electronic Storage Detection K-9s (ESD K-9s) to law enforcement agencies in the United States. We have two in Ohio, two in Wisconsin, and one in New Mexico.

In March 2019, we donated an ESD K-9 to the Hawaii Department of the Attorney General/Hawaii ICAC Task Force. The K-9, LULU, which means “Defender of Children", was presented to Alani Bankhead, her handler, and will be working throughout the Hawaiian Islands, American Samoa, Guam and elsewhere as needed. Alani is also a member of the U.S. Air Force Reserve, and LULU was sworn in as a member of the Air Force Reserve to help out on special operations and searches as needed.

In November 2019, we donated an ESD K-9 to the Cascade County Sheriff’s Office in Great Falls, Montana, to be used in their Internet Crimes Against Children investigations. The K-9 is named Cade, and his handler is Angel Creech. Cade is our first Golden Retriever to be put into service as an ESD K-9.

There are so many success stories to report and I would just like to present a few of them to let you know how the K-9s are doing:

1. During a search in Ohio, a K-9 found a Micro SD card that was hidden in a light socket. The SD card contained over $1,000,000 worth of bitcoin that was allegedly used to commit multiple white-collar crimes.

2. An offender was arrested possessing child pornography about four years ago and served a short sentence. He was found downloading again a couple years later. A search warrant was served and investigators came up empty-handed in their search. A third search warrant was issued about a year ago, but this time an ESD K-9 was used. The offender laughed at the handler when told what the dog could do, but the dog found the hidden device that had the info they were looking for, and he was arrested.

3. Special Agent Joey in New Mexico assisted in a search warrant that involved a suspect that, at the time, was the number two downloader and file sharer of child pornography in New Mexico. After investigators completed their search, the K-9 searched the residence and found a laptop that contained evidence, which led to an immediate arrest of the suspect. The laptop had been missed during the initial search by investigators.

4. The two K-9s in Wisconsin have been very successful in finding devices, missed by investigators, that after evaluation led to arrests. They both were requested to assist in a search in Minnesota. After making an eight-hour trip to their search destination, they were able to find devices that had been missed, which led to an arrest.

I could go on for hours telling similar stories. These examples underscore the value and importance of having this unique tool in the hands of law enforcement agencies to assist them in recovering valuable evidence needed for convictions of child predators that are harming innocent children.

Thank you for being a part of that success through your donations and we ask that you continue your support or join us in this cause. For more information contact or (317) 340-6985. Our address for Neighborhood K9 is 507 Hickory Drive, Greenfield, IN 46140.


Charles Harsin, President

May 21, 2019

In July 2018, Neighborhood Electronic Detection K-9 Inc. donated an Electronic Storage Detection K-9 to the Wisconsin Department of Justice-Division of Criminal Justice in Madison, Wisconsin. DCI agent Tammy Pawlak will be the K-9 handler with her K-9 named Kozak. They will be part of the ICAC task force doing investigations throughout the state of Wisconsin. Congratulations to you all!

In November 2018, Neighborhood Electronic Detection K-9 Inc. donated a K-9 to the Racine County Sheriff’s Office in Racine, Wisconsin. The handler for this K-9, Karma, is ICAC investigator Jon Bechman. He will be working the state of Wisconsin with his K-9 that is the sister to K-9 Kozac. We now have a great team in the state of Wisconsin. Congrats to all!

We are happy to announce that in March 2019 we were able to donate an Electronic Storage Detection K-9 to the Hawaii Department of the Attorney General/Hawaii ICAC Task Force. The K-9, Lulu, which means Protector of Children, is with investigator Alani Bankhead. They will be doing investigations in all the islands of Hawaii, as well as Guam and American Samoa. Lulu is also sworn in the United States Air Force Reserve, for use in investigations as needed. Good luck to them and congratulations!

April 18, 2018

It has been about one year now since we received our first donation as a charity, and I am proud to report that we have been able to help provide three Electronic Detection K9s to agencies investigating child exploitation cases. Our first K9 went to the Ohio Attorney General’s Office. The K9, Reptar, is investigating criminal cases with Special Agent Josh Rammel. The second K9, Diana, was donated to the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office in Cleveland,Ohio and is working with Investigator Beth Crano. The third K9 is with handler Owen Pena, working in the New Mexico Attorney General’s Office Regional ICAC Task Force, investigating Internet Crimes Against Children and Child Exploitation throughout the entire state. Many successes have already been reported and many are expected in their long careers moving forward. Thanks to all who have chosen to support our cause. We look forward to your continued support that will allow us to donate more Electronic Detection K9s in the future.

August 3, 2017

Neighborhood Electronic Detection K9, Inc. was able to help provide an Electronic Detection K9 to the Ohio Attorney General’s Office/Bureau of Criminal Investigation. It was presented to Josh Rammel, who will be the handler for the K9. We wish to congratulate him and his department and wish them safety, protection, and success as they begin their work together.

We are also pleased to announce that we will be providing another K9 to a law enforcement agency in November, when the next class of Electronic Detection K9s finish their training with Jordan Detection K9.

We are also very happy that we have funding to provide another K9 that will be trained by Todd Jordan of Jordan Detection K9 in his spring 2018 class. We are now accepting and reviewing applications for consideration for that K9 at this time.


Neighborhood K-9

507 Hickory Drive

Greenfield, IN 46140